Friday, May 1, 2009


My brother and sister went and waited in line almost all day and night to get tickets for the premiere of Wolverine that they were having in Tempe. Each person got 2 tickets and I think they were like #10 in line. Anyway Connie gave me the other ticket so I got to go with her. She came over before hand to do my hair. Doesn't it look great.

And Connie just looked lovely. Once we got to the theater we met up with our brothers Eric and Ryan then got our wrist bands. We walked around forever trying to figure out where to go. No one knew anything - that was kinda frustrating. Here we are walking in the massive crowd.

Here we are dressed up for the show. We didn't get there early enough to get close to the stage and see the stars arrive. But we were able to get close to the red carpet and watch as they made their way down to the theater. While waiting for the stars I started taking some photos after the first picture I glanced down at the camera to look at the picture and became extremely confused and thought, "what is going on with my hair?" Then I realized it was the poster behind me. We all laughed for some time over that. Then we took another photo this time it is Mimi's hair.
Here are the stars I saw, or took pictures of as they walked down the red carpet. To see more you can go to Connie's blog.

Here is Alice Cooper
Ryan Reynolds was the first star to make it down the red carpet.
Mimi pointed out how it looks like the woman in the picture is crying, I think she is just sad to watch him walk on by.

The Director Gavin Hood (above)

Liev Schreiber who plays Sabretooth came by and was very nice, I even got him to sign Connie's little note pad.

Here is Hugh coming down the carpet..see how he was surrounded by people

Going down the red carpet
And he was gone...

I did a lot of walking without my shoes because although they do not hurt, I can't walk very fast in them. By the end of the night my feet were disgusting.

I really enjoyed the movie - I think I liked it better than the X-Men movies. On Connie's blog she puts songs on to go along with her posts. When I went to her blog and heard the X-Men cartoon theme song play I got all sorts of nostalgic. I was taken back to Saturday mornings on my childhood living room floor. The younger half of my family would watch it together and we each has our own characters.

Ryan was Wolverine - Mark was Beast - Connie was Storm - I was Rouge - Eric was Cyclopes and on commercial breaks we would have wrestling matches. I always won:)

If you want to see more pictures and hear the music, you should go to Connie's blog.


  1. You look smokin HOT! Glad you had a good time.

  2. You know what is funny I know most people dislike the music on my blog or never hear it. But I take great care in picking each song for each post. I know Mimi likes it so I mostly do it for her, but this post the song choice was all for you...and you did not disappoint.

  3. WOW, Dibbs you look amazing!!! I love love LOVE your outfit. The shoes are amazing ( I am addicted to shoes) and I love the skirt. Where did you find it all, or did you make it yourself :)

  4. Debbie...I LOVE the outfit! I remember, back in the day...sitting in your family room while you and your siblings were watching X MEN cartoons and discussing who was what character!

  5. Um... I love, love, love that outfit on you. Oh, and I also love Hugh.... HOT! The end. :)

  6. That looked like so much fun! I can't believe you saw all those stars. And everyone is right. You did look amazing.



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