Tuesday, May 19, 2009

While we were in Flagstaff

We visited our favorite park with some other friends from Russ PT class. This picture of Gracie reminds me of Russ when he was a kid. Gracie would tuck her feet up in the swing and it would make me laugh. And look at all these good dads. Russ is in the circle too, but he is the one you can't see.
We were able to stay with my good friend Tia and her family. William and her son Carter were playing and William ended up with a nice little goose egg on his head. It went down by morning. I was able to go to a girls night out with some of the ladies from Flag and it was so nice to see them all. I met some really great girls up there that have really influenced me for good, I am so glad I got to know them while I was there.

Here are Russ and William enjoying some smores (I hope you don't mind Tia)
Gracie had fun trying on princess shoes... ...and so did William:)

William and this little girl Eiley really hit it off, they had a lot of fun playing together.

I am sad I didn't take more picture especially of Tia new sweet baby. It was a fun trip but made me truly miss living in Flagstaff.


  1. especially now that it's 110 degrees!!!! :)

  2. I miss Flagstaff like crazy. Do you? I wish we were still there so I could see your cute kiddos. Congratulations to Russ! Heres my blog: www.5neals.blogspot.com



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