Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why we were in Flagstaff

The Ceremony
Here we are -
Spotting Daddy
there he is clapping for Daddy
Playing in places we are not supposed toJust trying to keep the little ones happy while these guys receive their diplomas.Here is Gracie saying, "cheese". I can't see the picture without smiling.Here we are taking a not-so-great family picture. (doesn't it look like William has no teeth?)
Russ with his wonderful parents who inspired Russ to always do his best and have supported him in all his hard work. We love them so much.Some of Russ' friends that we saw Mike and Ethan. We saw everyone else later at the PT party and I will post about that...tomorrow.


  1. In the family picture Gracie looks so much like Russ when he was a kid. Oh I mean Dr. Russ.

  2. Yea!!!! I'm so happy for you guys that he's done. What a great feeling!

  3. Congrats, Dr. Russ! And Debbie, you and the kids should get honorary doctorates for getting him through it all with a smile! Fantastisch!



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