Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When friends come to play

Some good friends of ours that we met in Flagstaff and will probably live here (yea!) came over for some lunch and Settlers of Catan. They have these two cute little boys and I got a few picture here of their youngest. This is Myles. And he smiles...a lot.Gracie adores him (who wouldn't)and tried to ride him like a horse. She also played peek-a-boo with him which sound like "beek-a-you" and it so cute. I love how she puts her tiny little hands on her face.

We are looking forward to many more games with this family:)

1 comment:

  1. As are we!! When should we play next? We moved in w/ Ben's mission president (aka Steven's Dad) in their extra "apartment" for a while. Do you want to come play?

    BTW...CUTE pictures. Gracie really is a doll. Did any of those other pictures turn out? Hope so!!



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