Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks Mom

On Sunday we went out to my mom and dads for Sunday dinner and she made my favorite meal - casserole steak. Which was nice because I don't like to cook meat much anymore. And then when I went to sit down at the table I saw this:
Yep, that's right a big Little Debbie cake. YUM! William was of coarse there to help me.
Here is Connie and Gracie singing happy birthday to me. I am not sure if Gracie sang with everyone else, but after everyone was done she sang her little version of Happy birthday mommy. It was really cute. And so is that little hand made dress I found at a thrift store. Russ loves it too, it looks so Austrian. We were able to blow out all 25 candles rather quickly.
But what I really want to thank my mom for is all the help she gives me. Especially coming to help me with the diapers. They work great!
I decided to make all in one cloth diapers for Gracie. I wanted to for several reasons.
1. To save LOTS of money.
2. Because of my mother and grandmother - I HATE to waste. It is hard for me to throw ANYTHING away, but when there are things that are constantly being thrown in the garbage I try and think of ways that I can do without those things. This is me consuming less.
3. The thought of being self-reliant brings me peace, and this is one step closer. Next step -gardening.
4. I love this earth.
They needed to be all-in-one diapers (meaning the plastic and the cloth come all together) or else I probably wouldn't stick with it. I used a free pattern that I found here.
It works great I only added some wing-cover-things to go over the Velcro when washing.
And to make them I used flannel sheets found at goodwill and a plastic mattress cover found at DI and an old towel. Then I bought my elastic and Velcro at my favorite fabric by the pound store. They were cheap to make, but took a lot of time. That is why I am so grateful to my mom for coming to help me.
I have made a lot of things, but is feels really good to have made something REALLY useful and that I really need.


  1. You are awesome. Jonathan saw your first post about making cloth diapers and told me that I needed to be your best friend, which I would not mind one bit. :-) I use cloth diapers but have not found one person that I can talk to about cloth diapers without them grossing out. I hope Gracie loves them. You did a great job.
    Love the cake! I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  2. Debbie, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday dinner, what a cute "debbie cake" your mom made. I'd pass out blowing out that many candles, William probably had fun helping.

    Love you guys, Alison

  3. So, I want to know more about these diapers... Do you clean them the same way you would cloth diapers...
    let them swirl in the toilet and then wash them twice in the washing machine...
    I looked into cloth diapers and I just wasn't all too sure about this part... all the water being used seemed expensive and not water conservative? I'd like to know your thoughts :)
    But I think the materials you used were ingenious :)

  4. Not gonna' lie. I still think you are pretty amazing. When I finally get to have little kiddos I pray you are still around to guide me in making these since I have little-to-no sewing talent! Ha ha! I'm also glad that you enjoyed your birthday too! :) You are so wonderful and I can't wait to spend more time with you and get to know you better! Love you!



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