Monday, February 9, 2009

I saw this picture on a blog I like to look at.
Isn't it soooo lovely to look at. I don't know were it came from originally but whoever made this had inspired me. I have thought about trying my hand at quilling before. I have even sat and scrolled a few pieces for fun, but this is GORGEOUS to me and I really want to create one just like it (because that is what creating is to me - copying something else). I save all my paper scraps so I could make it out of scraps and I love the idea of something this beautiful coming from scraps. I don't know when I would have time to do this. In fact I shouldn't even be thinking about it because I have a project list a hundred miles long (or so it seems). But this is in my brain now and I don't know if I can rest until it is out of my brain and on my wall.

Okay I actually found the artist and you can see more here. AMAZING.


  1. That is absolutely incredible. I have never even seen/heard about anything like this. I think even I would like to learn how to do it. So, how about you learn and then teach me? ; )

  2. the first thing i thought when i looked at that was- how happy! all those bright pretty colors just make you least that's what it says to me. what a great way to add color to a room that you can't paint a color or something.quilling amazes me too. i have thought about trying it, but like you i don't need one more hobby or one more project to work on. good luck if you decide to do it! you're talented enough to do something equally as beautiful!!

  3. I knew when I was at your house that you would know. I mean I pretty much looked pregnant after the first month. I have been stubborn about telling people this time for some reason. I don't think Nick could wait any longer so I had to come out:)



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