Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Heart Day

I hope everyone had a happy valentines day. We are still celebrating - at least I am. Russ and I are giving each other the gift of health because we signed up for the YMCA. I think that is a great
When William woke up and I told him Happy Valentines Day he said, "yeah Candy!" It was a good thing our sweet neighbor Michelle brought us some treats and a plant. They loved both.

later that afternoon we went to a

Valentines Dinner

Gracie loved the balloons, the candy, and the dancing
William took his shoes off and ran around until his feet were black.

He thought that was pretty funny until he found out we had to go home because he wouldn't stop running around long enough to use the bathroom.
Ahh, such is life. Happy Valentines!


  1. That last one is blackmail, maybe to show a future girlfriend? :)

  2. Ha ha... Oh boys will be boys. Running around is definitely more fun than stopping! I am so glad you guys have a membership to the Y! Anytime you need a buddy to go with puh-lease give me a call and I'll jump on the offer! I'm always looking for good encouragement and it would be a good excuse to socialize... I mean work out! Ha ha!:) Love you!



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