Monday, October 6, 2008

New Buddy

My friend Amanda called me up last week and told about a kids club that meets at the mall and gets to ride the big carousel on Thursdays for free. This is a pretty huge carousel so it is kinda a big deal. We decided to go and it was a lot of fun. William really wanted the tiger and luckily no kid got on it before him. Here he is getting ready to go.Pure Joy.Amanda has a little boy named Carter that is Williams age and they have become good friends.The next day Carter and his sister Kiley came over and they brought worms!
They got them for their garden and the kids had a lot of fun looking at them and counting them. Carter did most of the picking up and William would poke at them a little. They all liked watching them squirm. You can see a cute video here.Today we went over to Carters house and then did a little thrift shopping for some holiday books, ate lunch at chick-fil-a and just had a fun day. William DID NOT want to go home and told me that they whole way home and Gracie zonked out in the car. It has been a good day.


  1. That's so crazy, we have that exact carousel at the mall where we just moved! Harper is too scared to ride it. She says,"Just watch animals?" Today she thought she wanted to go on it but when I put her on the dolphin (her choice) she started to freak out and say, "Just watch, no ride! Just watch,no ride!" Heartbreaking!

  2. Cool, where is that? Can anyone go?
    I love that they are animals other than horses!
    ewwww :) I am not much of a bug person, but I would love to give my kids opportunities to enjoys bugs :D

  3. Natasha - that is sad, William made it clear that he did NOT want to go up to the second story. It is a little bit overwhelming.
    Adriana - it is at the superstition springs mall on Thursdays. to sign up you have to go at 10:00am and once you have signed up you can ride it every Thursday from 11-1.



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