Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in Carousel riding

Today we went to ride the carousel. William - excuse me, I mean Batman - wanted to ride the tiger again. And Gracie, who had only ever wanted to hug the animals while in my arms, rode a zebra with no complaint. Wait - that is not true she would complain if I tried to touch her. So my arms had to hover behind her where she could not see.and she insisted on riding with her left side lower than her right. If I tried to straighten her she would stiffen her whole body in protest and slide right back to this position. She rode the whole way the way.We also got some Nielsons custard (I got a veggie grinder and I highly recomend them).SharingSo happy.
Today has been a good day.


  1. i love batman on the tiger... very cool!

  2. Looks like it was alot of fun :)
    My kids tried to share a cone the other day (in the car) and it was so much messier! How did they stay so clean?

    That's so funny that she had to ride on the side like that :D



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