Monday, October 13, 2008

A long day

Last Thursday was a long day and because we also had a long weekend and I was sick for part of it I am just posting about it now. The day started off with a trip to the mall to ride the carousel but it was broken so we went down to the book store.

Here is William with Carter reading Batman books, they are both going to be Batman for Halloween.
Here is Gracie collecting as many stuffed animals, or "sha" things, as she can find...then piling them on my lap and laying on them.After Russ came home from work we decided to go to the Temple visitor center. I think the kids really enjoyed it. While William was looking at the statue he said, "Jesus takes care of us." Then he followed with "but he doesn't take care of our sunglasses", the item he was holding in his hands at that moment.Why daddy loves overallsThen we left to go thrift store shopping for Halloween costumes. Now that William has decided on Batman (by decided I mean that it is one of the MANY costumes he has said he wanted and since I have an adult Robin costume to my disposal that is what it will stay.) We got lucky. Below is a picture of him in our findings. We also found a suit, but it is too big so I will have to take it in. I don't think he cares about the suit though. I think he would be happy with just a "cipe". He can't for the life of him remember that it is called a cape.

Here he is driving the Bat mobile while watching the movie and using what I got for my costume as a steering wheel. Any guess who I am going to be?After our successful trip to the thrift store we stopped by Russ brothers house to drop of some poster board so that my talented niece could draw some posters for William's birthday party. Then we headed down the street to visit with Russ mom and let the kids play with toys for awhile. Here is Gracie getting her hair all nice staticy.Like I said, it was a loooong, but happy day.

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  1. i love that William is "driving" with a wreath!



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