Monday, October 6, 2008

Breath of fresh air

That is how this weekend felt. My aunt and uncle came down from Idaho and usually they bring us their honey (which William eats everyday!) but this time they brought more! Apples, plums, grapes and tomatoes, all from their own yard. My aunt and my mom have been busy making plum jelly and applesauce so yesterday and today I had one of my favorite childhood meals for breakfast -whole wheat bread with applesauce and milk. (I pored the milk on after the picture) Today I am going over to make some more applesauce with them using a all natural sugar substitute stevia. My mom used some brown sugar and Cinnamon which is much better that the high fructose corn syrup that is in like 90% of the bottles at the store.
I got a request to make a doll house tote on etsy, but she kinda wanted it to resemble a castle and I had to get it done super fast to make sure it got to her by her daughters birthday. It kinda stressed me out to have that pressure but once I finished it, I felt good.

But the freshest of the air came when I got to watch and listen to General Conference (a conference that our church holds twice a year where our apostles and leaders speak to us). I welcomed it with open arms. You know you are growing up when each session ends and you say, "that's it? its already over?" This wasn't the first time I felt that way but it makes me laugh to think about how long it seemed when I was younger.

On Saturday we watched Conference at my in-laws and that evening Russ went to the Priesthood session with his Father, brother, and nephew. Then we had dinner together. Sunday we got up early (ok, we were actually late) and went to my parents. While I watched both days I got a Christmas present half way done! This is a big deal. I decided that this year all the Christmas presents I give will be hand made, so you can imagine that I have a lot of work to do. I had one gift that I feared would take a lot of time, so to have it half way done feels very good. I will spending pretty much all my spare time from now on doing Christmas presents. Whoo hoo! Christmas!


  1. debbie- you are sooo talented! i am amazed every time i look and see the new projects you have made!!! i may have to commission you take a quilt for me...only i need to get some money first.

    isn't it funny how when you were little conference seemed to last FOR-EV-ER. and now you can't get enough. i love it!

    way to go on the Christmas presents. good luck getting them all done...i know you will...but a little good luck never hurts!

  2. very, very cute tote!!!

    And the blanket!? WOW. SERIOUSLY. That is beautiful.



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