Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We sure are going to miss it

Well we moved and are now residing in the hot valley of the sun. Most of our belongings are still in Flagstaff because our lease is not up until October, then the big move will happen (I hate moving). We have been gone for almost a week now and I wanted to take the time to document the things we will miss. The day before we left I walked around down town and visited some of my favorite shops and there was a small tear in my eye. Down town flagstaff is such a great place. Later that day we stopped packing and drove up Mt. Elden. This is something we did a lot last year, in fact the last time we did it Gracie was in my stomach. Here are some pictures of it along with a list of things we will miss...
The scenery - things like mountains and treesThe weather - seasons changing and it not getting SO hotthe farmers market - I loved shopping thereThe friends we made and our wards thereLaid back driving The fact that it didn't take more than 20 minutes to get anywhere
the parks - I prefer wood chips to sand
The Main Library - we are going to have to get used to late fees and such here
Basically the only thing we won't miss is the dog food smell (we lived close to a Purina factory) the skunk smell and having to go to the valley for some things (but that was not that often).
Look at that beautiful sunset... and the yellow Flowers everywhere.
Goodbye Flagstaff,
we will miss you

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  1. You are going to make me cry. We moved back to the valley in Feb. I sure do miss it there. I am glad I found your blog. Love you guys, I am glad that we both found Flagstaff at the same time.



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