Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Miss 1 year old

So here you are 1 year old. I can't even believe it. You started walking a few days after your birthday. The day we came back from California. You still crawl mostly, but you can walk.
You really like to climb on things and you do not like us to tell you "no". Actually that is not true you smile when we tell you "no" you just don't like it if we enforce it.
You like stories and pictures and you love babies. The real ones you just try to poke their eyes, but you pick up dolls and hug them and kiss them and poke their eyes. You like to eat, you still eat baby food out of a jar (Daddy really likes to feed you that) but you also eat whatever we are eating. You just started on whole milk and seem to like it just fine. You don't really like sippy cups though, so we are on the search for the one you will like so we can get you off a bottle.
You love to watch movies with your brother. One day we put you in the high chair and you heard his movie start in the other room and freaked out until we brought you in there so you could watch it. You don't sit and watch them for that long, but you do like them.
You are starting to talk. Your best word it baby and you say; mommy, daddy, puppy, William, ba ba, night night and I think I have heard you say, "getchou". Any time we ask you to say something you nod when you say it and whether or not you said it right you said it as long as you nodded. You sleep really well, you only wake up at night if your teeth are bugging you. you nap sometimes for a really long time, but I think we figured out that you are not always sleeping you just play quietly in your crib for awhile. You are a very happy baby and fun to be around. We all love you so much.

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  1. She looks JUST like William in the picture where she is in her highchair!!!



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