Friday, May 2, 2008

Princess Birthday

While we were in the valley William's cousin Vaeh had her 4th birthday. A princess birthday and they sure don't mess around. Look at the beautiful birthday girl.Mark and Russ serving snow conesMarie wanted white:)Check out this princess castle cake

This is William jumping up and down in excitement after we sang Happy Birthday (he really likes birthdays)

and castle pinata that my mother made (isn't it such a good idea?) and if you look closely you will see a princess bounce castle in the background.Gracie even got in the spirit of princess', It was a very fun party.


  1. I have been inspired... I think Ainsley is going to have to have a princess birthday cake this year! Gracie looks so grown up in that picture with the green dress.

  2. I like that princess cake. A friend out here informed me I was making her daughters "princess" cake this year- so I've been looking for ideas. That one is SOOO adorable.

  3. i feel the same way about your family as Juno felt about the Lorings:

    "I like being a piece of furniture in your weird life."

    Not that your life is weird, but you get the point.... I really love your family.



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