Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miss Gracie

My Dear little girl,
At the beginning of the month you started making this face a saying, "oooo" and you have not stopped. You do it all the time, but it never gets old. You can also click your tongue and you have waved bye a few times but you stop when we get the camera out. You also decided that you want to eat our food when we have dinner. You do very well eating almost anything. In this case it was noodles and you loved it. I love watching your cute little fingeres try to get things into your mouth. Especially if it is slippery, that is fun to watch. I am amazed and what you can gum and chew up.

You have had your two bottom teeth for awhile now but the two top teeth have broken threw (hallelujah). You are not the best teether. Those suckers make you mad. You get a runny nose, a runny bum, a fever, and it you gnaw on everything. You also don't sleep well so we will be happy when all the teeth are in. It is easy to tell if you are not feeling well or tired because you are such a good natured baby. We know that is you are fussy something is wrong. You also put EVERYTHING in your mouth. When you are outside I put a pacifier in your mouth (even though you only use it for sleep) to try and keep you from eating rocks and grass.
You crawl on your hands and knees now rather than pulling yourself across the floor. And you pull up to and get into EVERYTHING. You especially love cords and outlets and things with lights. You will walk all over the place if we hold your fingers. You even stood for a second today by yourself. You have a bath chair, but you know stand up in it, step out, and stand holding on the the edge of the tub and "dance" because you are so proud of yourself. I, however, do not like this so your baths are short.You have discovered other babies and love them even if they are just your reflection in the garbage can. I am pretty sure you would claw tiny babies faces off if I let you get close enough. You will sit with me and look at books and magazines. I will point to the picture and say what it is, then you look at it intently and then get a huge smile on your face. It is very fun to watch.You are just a big sweetie. You LOVE hugs and kisses and you give them all the time. Sometimes you will just be sitting in your high chair and reach your hand out to me and if I am too far to reach you I will just reach my hand towards you and you smile. You love being around friends and cousins. Anyone who loves you and will play with you is your friend. Well almost anyone, there are a few guys you are not sure about, like Uncle Don, but I am sure you will get over that soon.Grandpa C discovered that if he would roll his tongue at you then you would lean in and give him a kiss. It was very sweet. Your dad and I have tried it and had others try it as well and sometimes you will lean in but mostly you just duck your head bashfully into their shoulder. It is very sweet. I will try to get that on video.

You love all kids, but mostly you love William. You love to torture him by taking or touching his toys and you could care less when he gets mad at you. But if you are not trying to mess up each others toys then you love each other so much. You are such a sweet little girl and like your daddy said last night, "it is hard to imagine life without Gracie." You light up my world.

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  1. Gracie and William will treasure these letters! What a wonderful gift to them! Thanks for sharing with your blogging family!



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