Monday, April 1, 2013

Easters 2013

I am so grateful for my mom (I will be saying that always) she did everything she could to make Easter special.  I had actually made it to a store at the mall one day when I took Gracie there for a birthday party. I was able to get Joseph a pink shirt (his request) and a dress for Gracie.  My mom was already going shopping so I gave her some money and ideas for maybe some outfits for Saturday and some stuff for Easter baskets. She did not disappoint  The kids looked adorable. She also died eggs with them one evening when I ventured out to see The Host with Connie.

These are the two that Joseph did and as he held them he said, "I yuv dem."

Heading out to the Huston Easter Egg hunt.

I was so glad that I felt good enough to walk around a bit and take a few pictures.

Then we went to Connie's and the kids watch some Avatar with her while I took a nap until Russ got off work and then we headed over to Don and Mindy's for the Christensen hunt.

We had a tough time getting a nice picture. It was a nice evening, but would have been better if I didn't end the night throwing up in their bushes. Oh well, it had been a long day.

The next morning we put out their Easter baskets and there wasn't much to them but the kids loved them and were so grateful.

Joseph unloaded all the contents and carried them around saying Happy Easter. Then we got ready for church and I decided I was feeling well enough to go.

Joseph was so excited about his shirt and knew he looked so handsome.

Too bad the excitement didn't last. This is what the last half of church looked like. He and I were not happy campers.

All in all it was a great Easter (and the THIRD one I have spent sick like this). I really do wish I could have felt better, but under the circumstances it went really well. 

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