Friday, March 1, 2013

February tidbits

Our nightly reading of Little House on the Prairie 
Our Galentine's Dinner. Seriously some of the best gals. 

Gracie's valentines decorations. Some of them are taped up and some were put up with a glue stick.
I woke up one morning and felt sick. I thought I had the flu but Russ told me to take a pregnancy test. And it was positive.
We went to Cafe Rio to celebrate.
Then Russ put Joe down for a nap and fell asleep. As usual. 
Russ and I went to the temple and Zupa's to make a game plan for the sickness that was about to hit me.
For home school the kids made valentine's and we handed them out at the senior living apartments next to us. I saw one man eat his chocolate that we gave him, foil wrapper and all.:/ I felt kind of bad after that. He was appreciative though because the next day he knocked on our door and left me and envelope that contained a sweet letter, a picture of his dog Tepa, and a check for quite a bit of money for "being his friends". I burst into tears at the thought our small act of kindness meant so much to him. We made sure to stop by and say "hi" every now and then.

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  1. Oh my gosh. That story about the old man is so sweet. You are such a good girl, Debbie, and you are teaching your kids to be so good. :)



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