Monday, April 22, 2013


 On April 19th William and Gracie had their first concert with the East Valley Millennial Choral Organization. There was a lot of hard work put into it so we were all very excited to see the outcome. The kids turned into quite the goofballs while I was taking pictures of them before leaving for the show.

Here we are waiting for the show to start. 
When Gracie's little choir came out she was one of the first to come onto the stage and she stood front and center next to the director. She was so cute up there singing Oh Happy Day and Onward Christian Soldiers. At the end when she was walking off the stage she looked into the audience and waved. It was pretty cute. Williams choir was huge and the harp totally blocked his face most the time which bugged me so bad. I wanted to stand up so badly, but I didn't. On what I think was the last song (and I can't remember the title right now) the adults came out and sang with them and it was so beautiful and powerful that I couldn't help but cry. I talked to the kids about paying attention to the feelings they had while singing on the stage. I hope they could tell how good it sounded and how wonderful they did. I still haven't signed them up for next semester cause I can't decided if it is something I want to commit to when I will be having a new baby but I would hate for them to miss out on the Christmas concert. We will see what happens. 

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  1. Those pictures of Gracie and William are super cute, but the first is especially darling. Also, Russ' beard looks extra manly in that picture.



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