Monday, September 3, 2012

the beach

Joseph wasn't sure what to think of the ocean. In fact when the water went rushing back into the ocean and took the sand from under his feet he fell flat on his face. It was pretty sad. But Russ carried him out to the water washed off his face and he came back happy.

 William was his usual spazzy 7 year old self.

Russ' work and she loved it. Then Russ went to get William so we could show him.
 This was his reaction -

Of course he wanted it done too.

Russ showed Gracie how to make sand castles and she spent so much time doing that.

I relaxed and watched.

This girl should live on the beach with what it does to her skin and hair. I on the other hand am the opposite. I should never go to the beach when considering what it does to my skin and hair. But it does the soul good to get my feet in the sand and water and breath the salty air.

Sand crabs.
After this we found some showers, rinsed off, changed, and headed back home to AZ. It is nice to live driving distance from the beach. It made me realize we need to make the trip more often.

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  1. can you teach me how to make sand castles too? i tried last time we were at the beach and it was mostly a failure.



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