Sunday, September 2, 2012

A day with the Christensen/Levingers

The day after Sea World we headed up to Reseda to spend some time with Brett and Natasha and their kids and it happened to be the day of Harper's birthday party! Score!
Look at the cool dino cakes that Brett did! He did a lot of cool things like a dino banner and fossil eggs that the kids got to crack open. And Natasha made dinosaur shaped crayons.

 The party was at a gymnastics gym and the kids were in heaven. They loved every second of it.
 And I just about died over Natasha's pink swan dress.
We watched Harper open presents and then put the kids down early and had dinner with just the adults. 
When the kids got up in the morning they played and played and did art and made necklaces and had a great ole' time until noon time came and we had to go. They had somewhere to be and we did too (the beach!).

 So we said good bye and we can't wait until they come in December! 

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