Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to school dinner 2012

Our summer has finally come to an end. Most everyone we know around here started school about a month ago and that was the plan for us too, but the day before school started Russ and I finally made the decision to put the kids in a new private school that is opening up here. It is pretty different than public schools in a lot of ways but the two main things that stuck out to me about this school are: 
1. it is self driven learning
2. the kids would have much more time at home (they only go to school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). I have thought about homeschooling before, but know that it is not the right answer for me and my kids, but I would like them home more. 
(there are a lot of other things that I think are cool and if you would like to hear more about it I can write a post about it, just leave me a comment). 

 Even though I had an extra month, it still snuck up on me. I was busy pretty much the whole day and didn't have a lot of time to put this all together, but it turned out nice and the kids liked it so: win. The real win will be if they take to heart this years motto: Work Hard and Grow.
We talked about growing our bodies, minds, spirits, and feeling (that means controlling our feelings).
The Russ gave the children their back-to-school priesthood blessings. Gracie called it a prayer on her head:)
Russ also had interviews with them where he wrote their answers and recorder it. They were pretty awesome.
We organized their school supplies and got them all ready to go and I don't know what this is so exciting for me, but IT WAS!

I love school supplies.

Then we surprised the kids with Joe Joe's (trader joe's oreo's) and goblets of milk.

They were pretty excited.

Gracie even started clapping spontaneously.

And it turns out Gracie only likes the cream filling. 


  1. i just saw a craft with maps and thought, who has old maps just lying around? you. duh. :)

    i love school supplies too.

  2. I love school supplies. And I love these pictures so much.

  3. I would very much like to hear about this school! I know it is super early, but I am looking into "alternative" education for Gavin. I am very much UNimpressed with what the public schools are turning out. I've been focusing on charter schools, but open to anything!

  4. Absolutely love everything about this and how about you keep getting more and more crazy creative!! How do you do that?? Anyway I would love to get together sometime that would be fun, i love being able to keep up on you and your family still feels like we are somehow connected!

  5. School Supplies are AWESOME!!!! Even us homeschooled families stock up like mad. Love this time of the year!!!

  6. You are so cute and such a wonderful mom (just like your mom). The public schools out here are supposed to be really good, but people are really big on private schools too. I think it's mostly because there are a lot of hoity-toity types. I'm glad I don't have to figure out the school thing quite yet. It stresses me out.

  7. Don't we all just love the cream filling? And school supplies. What a sweet family.



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