Wednesday, September 12, 2012

a little everyday

When Joe and I came home from taking the kids to school, the yard was filling up with irrigation and it wasn't hot outside. We strolled around in the water for awhile but it was kinda cold so we moved to the porch.

Apparently he has been storing rocks in the hood of his car which was convenient, cause then he could throw rocks in the water!

Why do little boys love this SO MUCH?! A mystery of manhood I suppose.

Then he noticed the birds that were taking a bath, fluffing their feathers and flapping around.

Too bad they would fly away anytime he moved in their direction.

Sometimes I forget I have a gnarly scar across my calf (fence fell and cut it when I was little is the short story).

Then this boy found a bucket and got serious about getting wet. All this was happening while the glass guy was fixing the van window!
There are somethings inside the house that are calling to me; toilets that need cleaned, floors that need mopped, and cabinets that need organized. But they can wait. They will still be there waiting for me, but this boy keeps growing bigger by the day. He won't wait. And I am enjoying our little bit if time together, just him and me, while the big kids are in school.


  1. The long story being that you got bit by a shark ;)

  2. you have hot legs! no seriously. dang girl, where you been hiding those babies?

  3. I love one on one time. And I have seriously never noticed that scar. Looks like a doozy. I have one really high up on my leg- in a very bad spot.



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