Thursday, December 23, 2010

The stockings are hung

In the St. Nick of time, too.
I finished making them today. I like how they turned out. For some reason I am crazy about black and white this year. I give credit to Mondo for that.
The Christmas card mess is cleaned up.Things are getting crossed off the to do lists. Here I am getting ready to compile my six different list into one. I guess I am a list person. I decided to make a tree skirt and gift tags out of black and white too. I got the idea to just stick on a big letter from Martha Stewart (I think) and the kids really like it. It makes it easy for them to find theirs.
I (obviously) like to use scrap ribbon, lace, and trim for wrapping.

Here is the tree. It is real and it is so beautiful. We got it at Costco and I love it.
I love my little trees...
...and the little deer.
These are probably my favorite decorations. They are silk string balls and they make me so happy.

It looks magical. I may keep them up all year.

I also love my old holiday cake plate.
I love my Christmas house. Too bad it was not put together earlier. Now it will have to stay up for January.

The sweetest part of this holiday season is this little guy.
I get up early with him and he is sitting under the tree while I do yoga. It is nice to have time, just he and I. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season.


  1. I loved your card this year. I cant believe how much Joseph looks like William already. Merry Christmas. We love you guys

  2. Too. Freaking. Cute. Everything you do is the cutest. Loved your card. Your family is adorable. :)



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