Sunday, December 19, 2010


(I started this post on November 24th and now nearly a month later I am finishing it. That should tell you how well I am adjusting.) Gracie loves being a big sister. I think she wished she was the mother. I take that back, I know she does cause she has told me so. She can not leave this little guy alone. She wants to be as close to him as humanly possible as often as humanly possible.

I know someday that is going to be awesome for them and me, but right now it is really...annoying. I know I should not let it bug me and most the time it is okay, but when I am feeding him and she is trying to kiss and hug him it gets a little akward. She does not seem jelous at all and just loves him to peices.

William is the same. He seems so grown up to me now. He has been really understanding of the babies needs and helps me out when I ask him. He keeps him happy in the car. He tells him he is the "cutest boy in the whole wide world" and then usually gets a smile. He loves that Joseph looks like him and is always asking me questions like, "did I sound like that when I cried?" and "did I sleep like that?" It has been fun to talk to both the kids about when they were babies. All in all I would say the kids are adjusting rather well.

These pictures were taken one day when we were sitting at the table and the next thing I know he crawls out the window and sits silently on the ledge. I am sure he was thinking very gown up thoughts.

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