Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grateful days

This year we made a Turkey to go on out wall. On the feathers we wrote things we are thankful for. All the orange feathers are Williams. Some of the things we were grateful for:
William - fish, movie, songs, the bishop, his bed, primary
Grace - Bananas, dollies, pajamas, prayers
Russ and Debbie - Home, job, computer and Internet, Jesus, scriptures

Of course the is much more. This list is almost unending.
I don't have a lot of pictures of Thanksgiving Day. In fact I have one, the one below. I took pictures of the Turkey Trot and later that day we went to my parents and had a wonderful meal with my family. The highlight was that night we watched Home Alone. I had not watched it in a long time and William had never seen it before so it was really funny to watch with him.

The next day we had a dinner with Russ' family and this is the only picture I got. Oh well. It was lovely to spend time with the family.

Here is William being a big helper and feeding Joseph while we were getting ready to go to a park to get together with my Huston cousins.

We went to the McCormick park where they have a train. Of course the kids wanted to ride in the cattle that is what we did.

It was a little uncomfortable for the dads. It was very fun for me to watch. The kids loved it!

This picture shows the reality of the situation.

Russ was very glad to get out.

They also have a carousel. Everyone loves a carousel.

And Ashley - this is for you. Look at your cute boys.

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