Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Christmas

That is what William says instead of "Merry Christmas". He makes me laugh. My kids are cute and I don't mind saying so.

It has not felt really like Christmas to me yet. Maybe it is because I am not making a bunch of hand made gifts this year. Maybe it is because I have not bought a lot of presents this year, yet. Maybe it is because we just got our tree last night and it is still without lights or decoration. Maybe it is because I am too tired to feel much of anything. But I think things are starting to turn around and it will be feeling more and more like Christmas all the time. I sure hope so since it will all be over soon. But the most important thing is - we are happy so we will indeed have a
Happy Christmas

1 comment:

  1. get a pic up of that santa outfit on w stat! i've never laughed so hard.



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