Monday, February 22, 2010

Flowers in the Window

There is a song by Travis called Flowers in the Window. If you have never heard it you should listen. It makes me think of Russ and how I think he is "one in a million" and that more than anything I am "glad [he] feels the same". It makes me think of our decision to be together forever and watch our "flowers" grow.

Our little flowers (besides Russ) are the happiest part of my life. They are so fun/funny. Beautiful, smart, the list goes on. I love them so much that there are not words. One day while driving in the car and listening to this song I was wondering(again) when (and if) I was going to get pregnant again. Then a line from the song stuck out to me, "there is time to plant new seeds and watch them grow, so there'll be flowers in the window when we go". Yes, I realized, there is time. Then I thought about how I had been comforted by Travis' songs through the worst of my pregnancy sickness, through a miscarriage, and through the end of pregnancy(those long days waiting for the baby to come), and even having a new baby in the house. I wonder if Fran ever thought he would be comforting a women through all aspects of pregnancy. Even a lack of it.
Well last week I found out that I am pregnant. Yea! I found out on a Friday morning and I had to tell someone. But I didn't want to call and tell Russ on the phone so I told William and he said, "awesome". Then William and I made a valentine to give to Russ to break the new to him.
William drew a picture that I scanned and put inside the card. Isn't it the best. (He still draws Russ with a beard even though he hasn't had one for a while.) I love this picture in so many ways.

Here is Russ reading his valentine. And William is holding his head because he bumped it earlier and apparently it still hurt.
So Russ held him for awhile.
So now it is a week later and I am feeling pretty sick, but I have not thrown up. I am trying so hard not to throw up. I really hope I can last. But it is hard. I have to eat all the time. And if the food isn't sitting right I have to sit or lay down in hopes that it won't come up. Sometimes these things are hard to do. Yesterday in church I was munching on my friends little boys graham crackers.
The kids have both been really good and understanding. We went grocery shopping and they were both so good. So for the next couple weeks my house will be a disaster, but I hope I will be able to keep a good attitude, because it is means to an end that I am very excited for.


  1. Congrats again! I love Russ' genuine smile on his face looking at that card. :) So special! Also, thank him for the "congrats hug" he gave me. It made feel really good about all I'd done. It was a good expression of how I felt inside and it was nice to receive a genuine hug from someone who understands the amount of work it took! Also... I loved Gracie sharing her love too. I just adore your family. I hope you're not feeling to sick. Please let me know if I can do anything. Even if it's just dinner or taking the kids on a walk so you can rest for a little bit. :) Love you!

  2. William and Gracie's favorite aunt in TacomaFebruary 24, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    Debbie -- so sweet to see Russ reading the card. Wonder if I have the card I made for Ted to tell him I was pregnant with Grayson. It was a "I've moved" card, and for the new address I pasted in a picture of a baby in a womb. Not nearly as cute as William's though!
    So sorry you aren't feeling well. Wish we were close enough so I could take the kids and bring you food. Lots of love from all of us!

  3. Your garden is precious. I'm so excited to see what kind of flower is budding next.

  4. Williams picture is FANTASTIC! That is the best! I am so happy for you guys :)



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