Monday, February 8, 2010

Baby Walker Shower

One of my best friends Lindsey had her first baby in December but was out of state. Since she is here now I threw her a baby shower. Everything I made for the shower I made so that Lindsey could take them and use them in his nursery. This is the fabric tree. I used starch to stick it to the wall. That's it, starch and my fingers. It peals off leaving the fabric and wall unharmed. All you have to do is wash the fabric if you wanted to use it for something else. The is the alphabet/ "hi" poster for his room.

Then the animal pictures which were really fun and pretty easy to make. I just couldn't frame them because of the button eyes. I will have to rethink that.

The name banner, which is nice to do when the baby is born and named.
The felt banner - super easy to make. (This is the one thing she didn't take so if any of you could use it sometime let me know)
Here is the handsome husband making mini patties for the mini burgers.
Lindsey and I used to talk about some day opening a store full of little things because we both liked them so much. So, I knew I had to make mini burgers.
The spread. Lots of mini and yummy things. I only made the burgers. Everything else was brought by awesome people.

William waited all week to meet this little Wesley.
As part of the shower I had guests make scrapbook pages for his baby book. Here is some of the ribbon stash coming out.

Here are the pictures to be scrapbooked.
Such a cute sleeper. And so true:)
This look on Lindsey's face is a, oh-my-gosh-this-is-so-cute face. Her sister in law made that for her.Wesley's mother and grandmother
Here are the ladies making their pages.
I love this picture of Courtney. Partly because it looks like she is scratching her armpit, but I know she isn't:)
Connie trying to get Kenzie to come out of her shell (she is really shy) and Gracie kept wanting to touch her hair. Probably because hers is so strait and formed and Gracie's is...well, wiley.

I wish I knew what I was laughing at, anyone remember?
We all thought it was pretty cute to see a mini person eating a mini burger.
Here we are as people were leaving finishing up some scrapbook pages. It was a fun day!


  1. please do tell where you got the buns for the mini burgers. soooooo cute. i love the abc hi thing. love it. looks like a fun party!

  2. It really was a fun day! I loved everything about it :) Thank you so much, Debbie!

  3. William and Gracie's favorite aunt in TacomaFebruary 9, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    Makes me want to have another baby just so you can throw me a shower!



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