Monday, February 15, 2010

Don't Eat Pete

We played Don't Eat Pete a few weeks ago during Family Home Evening. The gist of the game is that one person leaves the room and you pick a number m&m to be "Pete" when the person comes back in they get to start eating the m&m's until they get to Pete and then everyone says (or yells) "don't eat Pete".
William makes is easy because he stares very hard at which ever one is Pete. (The last time we played I taught him not to do this).
Gracie is a little scared of the game. Maybe because some people are really loud.
Even though we try and be quiet for her she still sits on my lap and I have to pick up the m&m's for her. This is funny because I get reminded by my siblings a lot that I cried when we played this game when I was little. But I had a lot of older siblings and they all yelled it at me.

This picture is funny because I accidentally had the timer on and it just took it when I was sitting there playing, but it is not a bad picture.

This really is a fun game but I think I am going to make a new card so that we can use other things besides m&m's, because they are not my favorite.

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  1. I actually turned it into a sharing time game for primary one time! It needs several "adjustments" but it was a hit. I forgot about this game. I'm gonna have to break it out for one of our FHEs. And I can't believe that ever when you're not trying to take a picture, yours still come out so good!



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