Thursday, January 21, 2010

Seeing the ocean for the first time

We decided that we wanted to take the kids to the ocean because they had never scene it before. We knew it would be too cold to play in but thought they might like to see it. As I am typing this it is pouring rain outside and my feet are freezing even in their socks. So I can say that the beach was not cold that day, it was beautiful.

Connie showing them how to get their feet wet.

William having a go at it.

Getting ready, I love is stance.
Notice Gracie's silhouette in the bottom corner of this picture, with her mouth wide open in excitement.

I love this picture for 2 reasons: 1. Russ and Gracie running from the waves was a very cute thing to watch 2. you can see William just fell down in the background.
He got all wet

and was not happy about it...until I told him I had a towel and extra clothes for him. Then he went right back to playing.

Pretty soon I had to take all sweaters off so they would not get wet because they were the only ones we had.

I loved her teeny footprints in the sand. And that she is leading with her belly.
Warming up once we were done.

Her hair was pretty messed up when we got to the beach but by the time we left it was in beautiful ringlets.William made a heart in the sand.
because we {heart} the beach!
A few times when Gracie was asked what her favorite ride at Disneyland was she would answer, "the beach!"
sorry for posting so many pictures, but to quote Anne Shirley I would just like to say, if you knew how many pictures I could have posted and didn't you'd give me a lot more credit.


  1. I look like cousin it in the fist picture with my hair in my face.

  2. OH, and I love the quote from Anne Shirley. Love it.



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