Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Land of Disney - part 1

I wanted to get a picture of the kids entering Dinseyland so I got in and hurried to turn around and I am glad I did because this is how William entered Disneyland - I would have been sad if I missed that.
Then I wanted to take a picture of them in front of the castle, but the sun was in their eyes. Whoops.

The first ride was Peter Pan. I loved it, and I think the kids did too.
Here Gracie is looking up at the window where the evil queen from Snow White keeps popping up in. She was not too sure about that.
Then the Dumbo ride
Gracie kinda looks like she was upset or crying in some of these pictures but it was just because of the sun.
This was her favorite ride.
Then there was teacups and here Connie is telling me that I should be in there. And I told her, "no, no, no, no" I got sick just taking pictures of them riding it. Spinning and I do not mix.
But Gracie sure liked it.

We went on the Nemo ride and during the line William was getting very impatient. He told me that if he had to wait in line, he was never coming to Disneyland again! (He has since then informed me that he was just kidding when he said that.)
This is him upset after the Finding Nemo ride because he wanted to get right back on.

Then on to It's a Small World.
I think both the kids really enjoyed the fact that we were in a boat.
It was still Christmas in Small World. So much attention to detail. I love it! It even brought about spontaneous hugging from the kids.
Connie waiting for us when our ride was done.
Then we went and met up with more of our family.
Then to the Buzz Light year ride. The kids were both really excited about this one! I love how intense Russ looks in this picture.
And this one. Who is having more fun?
Another snap shot I am glad I got - this is how William felt after he got off that ride. If you ask William this was his favorite.
More to come in post #2

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