Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas morning at my moms

I still don't have pictures of Christmas morning at our house but I did steal my sisters pictures of the Christmas breakfast we had at my moms. Here we are singing carols while the kids danced and all I have to say is Anna knows how to have a good time, or at least look like she is having a good time. We did a Nativity scene. William was Joseph. Here he comes leading the donkey with Mary on her back.

Then following them came a Shepherd in tears because she wanted to ride the donkey.
So as soon as Mary dismounted she mounted...
and stayed that way for the rest of the show.

What a cute little scene
(is William wearing gloves?)
Then the beautiful angels. (They held their hands like this for a long time:)

Then the handsome wise man and Shepherd came to see.

It was a lovely Christmas morning.

My parents gave us tickets to Disneyland!

Aren't they great. Love my dad in a Santa suit.


  1. When I was helping the kids get ready William found the gloves and asked me if Joseph wore gloves with so much hope in his eyes I had to answer, of course Joseph wore gloves.
    I laugh when I see the picture of Anna & Vaeh because I told them to hold their arms at like a 90 degree angle you know like you are saying behold. Crazy girls.

  2. That picture of Gracie the Bawling Shepherd pulls my heart strings in a thousand different directions at once.



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