Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zoo Time

We went to the zoo last Friday with our friends the Allens. It was pretty chilly. William didn't wear a jacket so I let him wear my sweater. After we got moving and as the day went on it wasn't so bad.
The elephants were really fun that day.

Gracie really got a kick out of him "dancing". It was so cute he would step side to side and his trunk would sway.

I didn't get pictures of any other animals but the kids did get to see a lot and had a fun time. Here is a picture where William ran ahead and then just sat squatting on the path until we got closer and then got up and ran again. I guess it was his way of resting. When we getting ready to go we came upon Santa's sleigh. The kids had just as much fun on this thing as they did anywhere else. They took turns being Santa or and elf.

And here is William being a reindeer. A jumping reindeer. Cracking their tinsel whips.
And Gracie wouldn't be Gracie if she didn't get really dirty. Here she is fulfilling her mission to get dirt everywhere.
It was very fun and as you can see below, very tiring.
Cute little dirty thing.


  1. Thank you for not going private with your blog. Because I do love reading it.

  2. How fun. I love that Gracie loves to get messy and that William will rest in the middle of the road in a squat. They're too cute.

  3. We sure had a lot of fun. Let's do it again soon.



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