Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daddy Dolittle

I know this post will gross a lot of people out but, oh well. Russ loves to catch birds and the kids love it too. After we got home from church one Sunday a pigeon was walking around our yard and would let Gracie follow is around. Eventually Russ caught it and brought it inside for me to see.Gracie loved it...sometimes. Like most animals she thinks she loves them and then if they look at her or something she gets nervous.William sure liked the bird, and I didn't touch him. And we all washed our hands afterwards.Letting him go. p.s. Russ looked less like a catholic priest in real life:)


  1. Your little post script literally made me laugh out loud because I'd just got done telling Ty that Russ looked like a priest! Ha ha! Ty says he gives great lessons in church though... ;)

  2. Thank goodness you said something about Russ' wardrobe. Because I was just about too. So funny!


  3. How exciting. That's something a kid isn't going to forget soon.
    And I'm amazed at the way you caught that scene in such motion.



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