Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remembering Miles

Last Wednesday the 2nd we went to the cemetery to celebrate/remember Miles birthday. One year ago he came into the world and left shortly after. It is heartbreaking to see the rows of small grave plots. I can not even imagine (and don't even want to try) what my brother and his wife have gone through this past year. But I can say I have been very impressed with them and now as they are preparing to welcome the next member of their family in June, I am so happy for them.

Here is Vaeh greeting Mark.Admiring her boots:) This little girl is always dressed better than me, even when she is in pajamas!

Gracie getting Connie

The kids holding on to their balloons waiting to send them off to their cousin in heaven.

Gracie was pretty excited about itWe sang happy birthday and let them off.There they go...Gracie was the last to let hers go and I wasn't sure she would or if she did I thought she would cry, but she just let it go and watched them float on up. So Miles, Happy Birthday! I am sure they last year has been busy and good for you. Keep close to your parents, they miss you so much. See you sometime again on the other side.


  1. You forgot to say what Gracie said when she let go of her balloon. "Here it comes"

  2. As always, beautiful job of capturing the moment in your photos.



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