Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rock the Vote

This morning Russ and I got up early to go vote (our mail in ballots never showed up). We got there 15 minutes before the polls opened and there was about a five yard line (not typical) but that is good, I am glad people are voting. It was really cold and Russ' Robin costume was in the car so I put it on (just the shirt). Russ was laughing at me, but I was warm (er).
Here I am four years ago the evening before the polls opened. Good thing I did a mail in ballot. I had to wait to push until my doctor got there and I can still hear him grumbling about all the traffic the Kerry supporters were causing.
GO VOTE! I will watch your kids if you need me to.


  1. Holy Straight hair Batman! It's gorgeous and so long, I love it! How long does it take you to straighten it?

    You look hot!

  2. Debbie you are so beautiful and i love your hair long!!! !!! !!!



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