Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I don't believe so

Yesterday started off pretty good. I woke up feeling better than I had yesterday (sore throat) and Russ was still home sick. I took the opportunity to go get my hair trimmed and thinned. This always feels so good. Then I hit the Farmers Market and it was jumpin'. I asked the clerk why it was so busy and she said she thought it was the economy and now people feel it is worth their time to save money (you save a lot of money at the Farmers Market). On they way home I was thinking about the economy again and feeling like I really need to get some more food storage. The plan is to have a full 3 month supply by the beginning of next year. When I got home the mood of my day quickly changed. I saw this video online.

Does anyone else think the woman SCREAMING "stop the hate" in that guy's face may be just a little bit hypocritical? Maybe that is just me. I have been called a discriminator, a haterosexual, a bigot, and probably much more on the internet simply because I decided to vote how I believe. I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I DO NOT HATE HOMOSEXUALS. In searching blogs arguing both sides of this issue I came upon an argument for Prop 8 that was able to express my feelings and since I am not the best writer and I don't have the time to devote to writing all that I would like to I will be posting some of it here (in italicized orange). If you would like to read the whole argument go here.
"I am not politically incorrect. I am not intolerant. I am not an uneducated ignorant redneck racist homophobe bitterly clinging to my religion and guns."
Neither am I!
"And churches in California are vandalized. Homes with "Yes-On-8" banners on their garages are graffitied with words like "bigot" and "intolerant". I've watched internet videos of liberal rallies where passing supporters of the War in Iraq were physically attacked and verbally insulted."
It has been my experience that Liberals want everyone to be happy and have their lifestyle and beliefs - everyone but conservatives. I would also like to mention that seeing you picket outside our Holy Temple does NOT make me want to vote differently. If anything It makes your situation worse.
"In the name of "development" and "equality", liberals refer to conservatives as "*#@-holes", "inbreds," and "nazis" in most of the message boards that I read. Religious groups, especially Mormons, are spared no relief from this special treatment. In case you missed it, California is airing an ad depicting 2 Mormon missionaries entering a same-sex couple's home where they steal their wedding rings, raid their house (including their underwear drawer), and ultimately rip up their marriage license.Liberals and other supporters of "No-On-Prop-8", you do not understand Yes' position. There is no agenda to ruin your lives or happiness. While I cannot speak on behalf of all "Yes" voters, I can tell you why I would vote yes with two major reasons. And I will do so in a 100% non-religious argumentative stance.
1. Marriage is the unit in which a biological family is legally sustained.
2. Same-sex marriage does not aggrandize societal progression."
I voted yes for the same reason, but also on top of these, to protect my religious freedoms and people trying to deny me this is discriminating me.
"Same-Sex Marriage Does Not Aggrandize Societal Progression In the way explained above, marriage is an institution that is beneficial to propagating and progressing society. Therefore, it is counter-intuitive for the government to promote something that, if practiced by all the population, would ensure its destruction in one generation.Say what you want, but same-sex union is inherently counter-intuitive to a society that tries to progress because those would-be parents stifle their contribution of genes, talents, and resources to the next generation..."
"...You are trying to say that Yes on 8 is "discrimination". You are absolutely right in the context that man+man or woman+woman does not equal man+woman in the propagation of societal well being. While man and woman will always be equal, the combinations of such are not so"
I know it frustrates people, but marriage between a man and a women and a same sex marriage are NOT the same (Should I draw a diagram?) and therefore would not be in put in the same category of marriage.
"An individual gay person has 100% of the same civil rights as a straight person. What you and other No Voters want is to redefine marriage, not to add a level of equality. You are not as an oppressed nation, nor are you an aggrieved race. You are not asking for more individual freedoms. You are asking to redefine marriage so that it encompasses your alternative lifestyle. You are asking to change an existing civil institution, not to be treated better. Please see how this is different from the African-American civil rights movement or women's suffrage. Your voice matters as does your happiness in this country. We acknowledge that you are worth as much as anyone else. The institution itself is what is being evaluated, not you as an individual. Marriage is what is being protected, not a man and his relationship with a woman."
This paragraph sums up my feelings really. I was asked to vote if I believed that marriage is between one man and one woman (gays are mentioned NOWHERE) I said "yes" and now I am a bigot - it does not make sense to me.
"Dear People who vote no on Proposition 8,I do not hate you. I do not wish to act like a bigot towards you. I merely vote yes to preserve the moral ethic that I believe is integral to the institution called marriage. To me, there is nothing more honorable than a family, nor is there anything as beneficial. I believe that the government betters society when it protects the institution of marriage to be conducive to the overall aggrandizement of the nation."
I couldn't have said it better myself.

In closing I would like to say that as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I know that I will be discriminated against and hated and I am okay with that. It is my choice to believe the way I do and I do not expect everyone else to accept. I also know that being a red head with freckles I will not be accepted my everyone and that is okay too. I am okay with myself. If you hate me or hate that I voted "yes" on 102 that is okay, I just wanted to state why I did and say in my corner of the internet that I do not Hate. I do not need the approval of others to make my life complete.

At the risk of getting hate comments, here it is.


  1. You shouldn't receive hate comments for writing your personal views. When Brett and I went to church on Sunday we were shocked to see a few protesters outside of the church. I didn't read the entirety of their signs, but in big red letters was the word "SHAME." I do not feel any shame for voting to keep marriage between a man and woman. It's like I said on Mimi's blog, these people are making a mockery of democracy. The issue was voted on and passed. These people who preach "tolerance" need to learn some of their own. I applaud your blog.

  2. While they certainly make for more sensational news footage, the people in that video no more represent the No on Prop 8 movement than Fred Phelps represents all of Christianity.

  3. Brett - I know that not all who wanted No on Prop 8 are represented by this group ot the others online. I made my statement to simply state that I believe marriage meens a man and a woman and it was not a personal attack on gay people.



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