Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Puddle Jumping

Russ' sister came over for a visit all the way from Tacoma they brought bags and bags of clothes for us. In them was this awesome raincoat and hat. I decided to let William play in the big puddle in front of our new red brick home.Nothing is better than running, jumping and kicking in water. Mostly because there are natural sound effects. These next three pictures are all mid-jump and they all make me smile.

After convincing him that he had played in the water long enough (20 min. at least) we went and sat on the porch steps
and he was super gigglyand cuteShaking the water out of his boots.
Then he wanted to take a picture of me. Viola!We are officially moved in and unpacked, except my craft room. We didn't have Internet for over a week so the next week of posts will be catching up with the -while we were unpacking-happenings.

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  1. everytime i go to connie's i miss the sounds of your kids. now that you live so close i should be coming by more...



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