Saturday, December 1, 2007

The weather outside...

Yesterday morning the first thing William wanted to do was snuggle with Gracie.

Gracie had her 4 month old check up and is now 12 lbs 1 oz. She is growing great and everything looks perfect. She did have to get her shots, but luckily she was able to come home and take a loooong nap with her daddy.

Today when we got up it was kind of snowing outside, but turned to rain before we got out there with the camera. Here is William ready to go outside. He is wearing a beanie I wore in High School, what does that tell you about his head?
We had some earends to run and went to Wal-Mart were they were taking pictures with Santa. When I asked William if he wanted to he said, "I don't like Santa." Well I ended up taking a picture with him and Gracie got one with Santa all by herself. I will post them when my scanner is up and running. We got our tree today, but will be decorating it tomorow.

Can you tell we are ready for Christmas. This year we are doing a Activity Advent Calendar. This is what is going to go down:
1. Put up Christmas Lights
2. Decorate Christmas tree
3. Put up remaining Christmas decor
4. Make Christmas Cards while watching a christmas movie
5. Same as above
6. Address and mail christmas cards
7. Make a cranberry garland
8. Find Mistletoe, hang it, and kiss under it
9. Go Ice Skating
10. Have a candlelit dinner by the tree
11. Donate Food
12. Make a snowman if weather permits or make paper snowflakes
13. Make goodies for friends
14. Watch and Read the Grinch
15. Throw or attend a christmas party
16. Read the Christmas story from the Book of Mormon
17. Read the Christmas story from the Bible
18. Make a Gingerbread house
19. Make Popcorn cake
20. Watch Elf
21. Drive around and look at christmas lights
22. See a movie
23. Go to the Temple lights
24. Make Santa's treats
25. Open Gifts
I got some of these ideas from another blog, the order can be re-arranged, but it should be a fun packed holiday season. Oh, I need to add sledding if there is enough snow. Let the games begin!


  1. I love that picture of you and Gracie smiling/laughing at your brothers wedding! Too cute! And I love the Christmas advent caldendar ideas. So fun! I think we might try that!

    Could we get your guys new address? We are mailing out Christmas cards, and I know that you guys just moved!

  2. Deb I love that Picture of Gracie. When will you guys be down again for an extended stay? I miss you all!

  3. I love that picture too, I got her dressed like that and brought her down stairs and Russ could not stop laughing. We are most likely going to be coming the 16th, or sometime around then.



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