Monday, March 3, 2014

Making me smile

Joseph loves to climb in my Bed in the morning and snuggle with Louise.
One day I put Louise down for a nap and she started to wake up as I laid her down. I quickly laid down on my bed so she wouldn't know I was there. Then I got to see her stick her legs straight up in the air and crunch all while being swaddled. She would did it and held it long enough for me to get my camera out of my pocket and take a picture.
Then there was Sunday dinner where Casey and Louise started noticing each other for the first time. Also loving the rolls on Louise's legs.
One of the youth text me these pictures of Russ while he was a mutual. I was reading to the kids when I got them and we just looked at them and laughed and laughed.
I love how happy this simple little merry-go-round in front of the dollar store made Joseph one day.
And when Louise smiles for the fan I can't help but smile too.

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