Monday, March 24, 2014


One day as I was looking at myself in them mirror I noticed some black spots on my scalp pretty close to my hairline. It looked like I had gotten ash in my hair or something. As I looked closer I saw a tiny bug in my hair and then another one. I got them out and called Russ to look for more and do a google search and sure enough it was lice. LICE! I am itching just thinking about it (oddly enough my head never itched before I knew they were there). I checked Russ and didn't see anything. The kids were at their once a week school so I went to pick them up when we got home I was searching through Williams hair and a bug fell on the ground and Gracie definitely had nits. I googled treatments and saw that the nearly toxic pesticides you buy over the counter have essentaily stopped working so I with some natural remedies and got a lice comb. But first things first, Russ shaved the boys heads.

William wasn't in the mood for pictures. After that Gracie and I got doused with apple cider vinegar and combed through it which got rid of a lot. Then a coconut and tea tree oil mixture that we let sit on for a couple hours and then combed out. That also got a lot out but I wasn't feeling confident and realized I only had Russ to check my head and that didn't feel reliable to me. So we found a place online called No Nit Noggins and they take care of it for you. It is pricey but worth it. 

It's a nightmare I don't wish to relive. Washing all bedding and clothing and towels in one day. Cleaning out and vacuuming the car. Just feeling plain creepy. Luckily they were gone within a few days and have not returned. I have no idea where we got them and I don't think we spread them to anyone else. Whew.

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