Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Utah trip

On June 26th our family plus Connie and my mom headed up to Utah. I have to remember to always have them join us on road trips. They helped out so much with the kids. Especially when our car sorta wigged out in Beaver Utah and we had to take it in somewhere to get it checked out. We hung around outside in a grassy area and Connie wrestled with the kids because she knew they needed to get rid of some energy and that I was not up to it. 

 This is also when I was really grateful for the power of prayer. The guy at the car place said it could be the cars computer that effects everything major in the car and we would need to have it towed and back track over an hour. By this time Russ had driven it around town and it was working fine with no problems so we prayed about it and decided we should just go on. The car worked fine and has not needed a thing since. 
We dropped my mom off in Orem to stay with her brother Berry and Connie stayed with us at Russ' brother Erik's house. We love it there. I decided while I was there that Sue lives a really lovely life and not by accident but by her choices and hard work. I hope I am more like her some day. It was also great to be able to pick her brain about home school since she has done it quite successfully for many years. 
 Look at her beautiful roses. She was trimming them and shared them with the kids. They loved them.

 Going over to visit her neighbor. 

 That night Russ and I got to go to the Salt Lake temple for the first time and it was really neat. I loved being there. 
 The next day I took the kids to Sugar House park. At least I think that is what it is called. Russ was taking a continuing education coarse so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. This place has a little creek running through it and we waded down the whole thing. 

 Definitely not something we get to do often in the valley of AZ so we enjoyed it a lot.
 Then Russ got off early one day from the conference so we headed up to park city to ride the alpine slide.
 Gracie was really not sure about the lift when it started going.
 But she warmed up to it. I never did though. It was beautiful but it would periodically stop and every time it did I would have a slight panic attack.

 heading to the slide

 It was usually hard to get them to nap. Everything was too fun but I knew they were so tired so I made them lay down and read a book with me and it wasn't long before they were out.
 Sunday was our nephew Kent's farewell talk and we were so glad we got to be there for it. He did a wonderful job and we know he will be an excellent missionary.
After church we hung around for the pancake lunch and then we were off to Idaho to meet up with Connie and my Mom at my aunt and uncles house.

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