Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Randoms

I got this print as a gift in the mail from the Lovely Lindsay from the blog run lucas run. I only know her through instagram and blogging so I was very touched that she thought of me when she saw this. It is perfect and is hung in our dinning room where we do home school.

Joseph went through a phase of always taking off his clothes and diaper. Luckily it was just a phase and has now passed.
William at scouts. Obviously he loves it.
One morning Joseph asked me to hold him a few times so I thought he might not be feeling well but my suspicions were confirmed when I walked through the laundry room and saw him laying on the rug wrapped in a blanket. 
Some other people in my family had strep throat so I wanted to take him in but it was Saturday (of course, they always get sick on the weekend) so off to urgent care we went. Turns out it wasn't strep and he was better that night so I was pretty bugged that I hurried and took him in for no reason.
Getting some Tigers Blood at the local Water n'ice
In school we were learning about the heart and William loved it. He loved it so much he built a heart out of legos.
And here is his incredible drawing of the heart.
Gracie loves to jump and cling to Russ and then say, "Koala Best!" We have no idea where she got that but it sure makes us laugh.
Holding and "petting" Scout. We can not get enough of her.
A bunch of goofball cousins at Grandmas
Swimming with Dad is so fun.
Siblings and cousins.
This boy had a rough night.

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