Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Randoms

I feel like I am going to be catching up on this blog forever but I really want to make the effort to get it done before we start school again in a couple of weeks. So hopefully there will be a lot of posting going on.
 I popped out on Easter and here is my little baby belly
 It was freezing but they wanted to go swimming
 While I was still staying at  my moms I was starting to feel a little better so I would take the kids to their neighborhood park. This day I was not feeling well at all...
 ...but the next day I felt much better.
 Even though it wasn't quite season for it yet I could not get enough watermelon and my wonderful mother would cut it up for me.
 I believe it was April 13 when we decided to go home and I would try things out.
 Look at this cute boy "reading"
 I still spent a lot of time in bed.
 scaling this climbing wall unassisted and very quickly
 William did the Pat's fun run with Russ. It was pretty cool.
 Skyping with Uncle Mark and Aunt Ashley
 Grandma had a chocolate fountain.
 We took a day trip to the Payson area to find a camping spot for the fathers and sons.
 The two love helping me make pizza and stealing all the cheese they can.
 They loved their daily cantaloupe snack that we had going for awhile.
 This happens more than I want to admit. She loves having such a willing little brother.

And I gave Gracie a haircut to help stop her from chewing on her hair, and it worked! Plus she looks adorable and it is much easier to manage.

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