Monday, June 11, 2012

wake up call

Many times Joseph is the first one up in the morning and since the kids all share a room it usually wakes them up. This morning I go him up before he woke up the other kids and took him in the other room. Not too long after I found him here on her bed saying "Geecie seeping". Well not anymore.
(it took me awhile to get the lighting right on these pictures because it was dark in there)

Looks like they are both still tired. Also notice the bruise on his head. That is from falling off her bed the day before. It doesn't stop him.

Little monkey! 
I guess now is a good time for me to record what he is up to now. He has most his teeth and his k-9s are coming in now. He is so tall and talking more and more all the time. One of my favorite things he says is "my daddy" when talking about Russ. He calls William "um" and Gracie "Geecie" and he calls me "mommy". He calls his pacifier "fie" and has been "fie" free for a couple weeks now. Yesss! It was surprisingly easy to take away. When he would ask for it I would tell him they were gone and sometimes he would whine a little but mostly he just accepted it. His bottle on the other hand, we are trying to switch to sippy cups and he is not happy about it. He cried most of the way to my parents and most of the way home (they live 40 minutes away) yesterday. Then he woke up at two in the morning wanting a bottle and he was so upset it took me awhile to get him back to sleep. By that time I was too awake and could not fall back asleep. So I just got up and wrote out our summer schedule. I had a tentative one for last week, but knew it would need tweaking. Now that we have been through a (very successful) week of summer I am ready to put it in writing. William thrives off of a schedule to it will be good for him, but it is not a minute by minute type of thing so it will be flexible for all of us.
Okay more about Joseph. He says "b-owie" for belly, can point to and name most body parts and loves singing baby songs. He is a friendly guy and loves to say "hi" to strangers. He loves babies, oh my goodness does he love babies. He loves playing with his brother and sister and will boss them around by pointing to the distance and saying "go!". He will hold hands with Gracie and dance with her and it is just about the cutest thing. I can't believe how grown up he seems already.


  1. This post has discouraged me from moving Clara into Hazel's room but inspired me to throw Hazel's pacifier in the garbage. :)

  2. Thankfully, Gavin never took to the pacifier, but he is the same way with the bottle! Ugh! We have been slowly trying to get more sippy/straw cups in and getting away from the bottle, but he loves that bottle so much. I gave in last night because he was SO, SO tired and CRANKY as all get out (he had only taken a 45-minute nap, when he normally gets at least 2 hours). Lord, give me the strength! Ha, ha!

  3. I love his name (but mostly his red hair)



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