Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Highlights from a lazy Saturday

1. Let the kids have friends over to play while I stayed in my pajamas and looked up inspiration for my parents 50th. December will be here before we know it.
2. Showered while Joseph napped
3. Did a super quick clean up of my house when I thought someone was going to come over and then they didn't end up coming, but I am glad I thought they were going to because nothing makes me clean my house faster.
4. I did puzzles with Gracie and discovered that she can "sing and move like Mariah Carey". Don't worry I took a video. It mostly looks like this:

A lot of head tilting and hand motions.

5. I drew pictures for her to paint and painted a little myself. My recipe cards!

5. We had the Penrod's over for swimming and pizza on the grill. And Jason shaved his chest hair into a heart and had I not been in the pool I would have taken a picture.
6. Went to bed at a decent hour.

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