Monday, May 21, 2012

wasn't sure if I was happy or sad

The other morning William decided to give himself a trim. I was just walking through the house and see him in the bathroom and he says, "look mom" with scissors in his hands and hair all over the floor around him. Luckily I was able to fix it without much work (his hair is kinda a mess right now anyway). That got me thinking that I needed to trim Gracie's hair. I had been asking her if we could cut her hair short for awhile (because it was getting so matted in the back and she never wanted to let me do it), but she wanted to keep it long. Well when I told her I was going to trim her hair she said, " I want you to cut it to here" and pointed to her chin. 
I must have asked her if she was sure 15 times. I think I was really asking myself because when her hair was done it really was quite beautiful, but it was rarely done.
Here we are half way through.

I cut it using the curly girl method, curl by curl. It went well, but it was kinda hard to tell because it looked very hacked while you are cutting it. It is hard to tell what it will look like until after it is washed.

This is what Joseph did while I was cutting, until he decided to go into the bathroom to brush his teeth (one of his favorite activities).

Here she is once we were done and then we headed to the bathroom to get some water and conditioner in it and this is what we found...
Who does this kid think he is? He had never done that before. Leave it to him to wait until he knows I am completely distracted by something to try and stunt like this. He really is smart like that.

This is how it looks now. It is cute. Sometimes it doesn't curl very well, but it is soooo much easier to do. She of course looks adorable and seems to like it.

But how could I not be a little sad to say good bye to curls like that?


  1. She's cute either way. And you're brave for doing it yourself!

    1. Curly hair is very forgiving. I wouldn't try it on straight hair. Actually that is not true, I would try it, it just wouldn't look good.

  2. Her hair. Oh how I wish June has curly hair... there is nothing cuter on little girls than curly hair. And good job for cutting it!!



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