Tuesday, October 5, 2010


While I was making the corner for baby Russ brother in law came to help get us a new tub put in. Because ours looked like this.
I should have gotten closer to the bottom. It was a kind of dirty that could not get cleaned. They thought I should be the first to break the tile since the new tub is for me to birth in.

Too bad I was not string enough/too nervous to actually break through.

Russ had a lot of fun though.

Once they got it all broken up.

Russ (and a lot of the house) was very dirty and dusty. and William wanted in the picture.

I will always take my children's picture.

Almost ready for the tub.

Just looking at this picture makes me want to take a shower. It was not fun living in this house that weekend.

But now it is all finished and beautiful. There are a few touch ups with paint and a light fixture to put up and then I will post some pictures.
Lets just say that I am relieved to have that project mostly done.


  1. Ah! You can't put pictures of holes and destruction like that and not show the finished product! It's a good thing I'm coming over tonight. I will sneak into your bathroom and have a look for myself. My brain can't sleep with that kind of unresolved issue!

  2. Debbie! I'm with Angie!!! Except I can't sneak over to your house considering we live in different states! I wanna see your new tub!!



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