Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Flabergasted (sp?)

This is a guest appearance by me, Russ. I felt I needed to take the liberty of sharing my thoughts on today from a different perspective than you will get from Debbie. First, let me tell you what today is. Today is the day that baby Joseph came into the world. It was truly amazing. My intentions for doing this post are literally purely in praise of my totally incredible, totally amazing wife. I have never been more in awe of a person's strength than I was today. I have had some clues in the past but it is official today, my wife is a stronger peson than I. I won't go into too much detail but I will say she began labor at just after 2:00 am and was a complete champ through every contraction. She made it look easy today. I am of course not insinuating that it was easy because I know that it wasn't. But, today will be an everlasting testimony of the metal of my wife. I have been so close to tears for the majority of the day.......Joseph just started crying and I need to go help Debbie. I will finish by saying once again that I am so proud of my wife because of the truly noble spirit she is. I will forever be in awe of her. I am the luckiest. I love you Debbie. You are my first, my last my everything.



  1. If I am the only one brought to tears by this post well then it will be official I'm a baby. I am so glad that I was there when you and Debbie first met, through your "courtship" and that I can call you guys friends. I love you both and am so happy for your sweet little family's newest edition. Welcome Joseph!!!

  2. Lex is not the only one who got teary eyed reading this. What a sweet post. Joseph is adorable and Debbie is incredible. Russ, you are one lucky man. :)



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