Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dog days of summer

I am not sure why I take Gracie to the mall once a week just to ride the carousel. It is so hot walking to and from and we usually only stay long enough to just ride the carousel. But look at her. She was in her newly purchased Belle dress with cowgirl boots pretending she is Mary Poppins.

This is her saying "tally ho!"

She just loves it so much I can't help it.

It also means we stop by Russ' work cause he is really close and that is always fun. On this particular day we picked him up and met Connie at Joe's Farm Grill to try some of their hot dogs from their limited time "Dog days of summer".

Little did we know we would be back twice to try more of those delicious dogs.
Now September is over and hopefully it took the heat with it and now we have to go back to the Farm Grill to get some pumpkin shakes and let our children run amok under the citrus trees.

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